Our Covenant

God is faithful to us, and one of the ways we respond to that is by covenanting: Making a commitment to God and to each other which helps to remind us what it means to be a Church.

Click on one of the titles below to see covenants we have used so far:

Whitesands 2008 onwards
the significance of many of the phrases present here is given in our values

Ffald-y-Brenin 2013

Covenant is a deeply biblical idea: When God initiates a relationship in a way that requires a response, he covenants with people, and they covenant with him.

A Covenant is closer and more real than just a formal commitment, but it also involves a conscious decision to be together and to follow a certain path. In practice, it's something that we grow into, with God's help. Being a community based on covenant is one of our values.

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