God's Kingdom First

God's Kingdom, meaning his influence in everything, is more important than "us". We want to see the health, growth, and nourishment of the body of Christ locally, and of the whole community.

Reliant on God

Being led by God and led in his plans. Relying on and being aware of God's Holy Spirit.


The word radical means re-growing from the root. We feel called to be a fresh expression of church, but that doesn't just mean new - it means starting back at square one. We try to ask ourselves the question: 'If Jesus' ministry had happened in our culture now, what would our church look like?

A Community of Disciples

Christians were first called 'followers of the way'. A 'disciple' is a follower of Jesus, and our hope is that we will learn how to follow the example that he set. As a son, he saw what his father was doing and wanted to do it too.But discipleship cannot just be a private thing - we need to learn how to share real and growing relationships with Jesus. We're all learning to follow him together, which means learning how to guide others and how to be guided; how to share experiences, live closely with one another, and hold ourselves accountable to each other.

Continual Repentance

Repentance is a concept and a practice that is important to us – metanoia , the original greek word used in the New Testament, means to turn, and turn deeply – turning to face someone or something. In the New Testament, when Jesus calls people to 'repent', he is asking people to turn to look up and face God. It's not just a one-time prayer. It's a habit for life that we all need to nurture.


It's good to share our homes and our food, and it's good to give people the opportunity to see, and decide for themselves, whether we really have something worth sharing. Being hospitable is a way of letting people into our lives.

Valuing differences

God made us all different, and he did it on purpose. Part of how we discover God's plan is by working out how we fit together, with our different gifts, styles and callings.


What is a Covenant? See Our Covenant

It is a shared commitment to follow Christ together, as learners, that fundamentally holds us together.

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